2017-27-08 OW Cup Oschersleben – Double win!

Oschersleben Title 27-08-2017
On Friday, Saturday and Sunday 25-27 August, almost the entire team were at the circuit in Oschersleben for round 9 and 10 of the Dutch OW Cup. The weather was great and everybody was looking forward to ride some races after the holiday season. On Friday there were free practices and on Saturday and Sunday each class rode 2 combined races.


8th Jan Houbraken – 1.41.7

2nd Greg Barnes – 1.35.9
6th-Mark van Bunnik-1.36.6
11th-Luc van Gerven- 1.38.1
After Greg could not use his bike last time out in Oschersleben due to a water leakage, he was focused on getting a good result, starting in qualifying.

12th-Gerard Streefland – 1.54.1
Unfortunately, Gerard could not ride on his Ducati 999 due to a technical defect, so he had a go on his hypermotard to fight from high level with the rest of the field.

1st Thorsten Burger-1.33.8
This weekend Thorsten could use his brand new Suzuki GSXR1000RR for the first time, prepared by our main sponsor Van Gerven Motoren.

Unfortunately, our other team members, André Bleyenberg and Bart Groeneveld, were not present this weekend.

Race results:

NK SPORTCUP 600, race 1
9th Jan Houbraken, fastest lap: 1.39.8
Jan rode a fine race, but made some mistakes and finally dropped down in the results.

Jan Houbraken #35

Jan Houbraken #35 Sportcup 600

NK SPORTCUP 600, race 2
7th Jan Houbraken, fastest lap: 1.38.9
Again a very good race of “The Chaser”, but after a very fast lap, he made some mistakes and dropped in the results.

NK SPORTCUP 1000, race 1
10th-Gerard Streefland, fastest lap: 1.53.6

Gerard Streefland #86

Gerard Streefland #86 Sportcup 1000

NK SPORTCUP 1000, race 2
11th-Gerard Streefland, fastest lap: 1.50.9

NK PROCUP 600, race 1
1st-Greg Barnes, fastest lap: 1.34.8
4th-Mark van Bunnik, fastest lap: 1.35.1
9th-Luc van Gerven, fastest lap: 1.36.0
Gin-Tonic had a great start and won with a 5 seconds lead! Mark sat in a group behind fighting for place 2 to 4 with very close racing. Luc fighting in a group behind the front runners and unfortunately could not get more to the front.

Gin-Tonic #67

Greg Barnes #67 NK Procup 600

NK PROCUP 600, race 2
1st-Greg Barnes, fastest lap: 1.35.3
5th-Mark van Bunnik, fastest lap: 1.35.1
11th-Luc van Gerven, fastest lap: 1.37.4
This race was interrupted by a red flag after 1.5 laps, but after the restart Greg was first off the grid again. He again managed to win in a superior way. Mark and Luc got a bit tangled up after the restart, but again managed to get a lot of points.

What a team

What a team! Luc van Gerven #36, Greg Barnes #67, Mark van Bunnik #77, NK Procup 600

NK PROCUP 1000, race 1
3rd-Thorsten Burger, fastest lap: 1.33.4
Thorsten managed to achieve a podium in this strong field with great lap times. It seems he likes the Suzuki!
Thorsten podium
NK PROCUP 1000, race 2
4th-Thorsten Burger, fastest lap: 1.33.7
Burger Only rode a fantastic race, but unfortunately just missed the podium.

Thorsten Burger #38 NK Procup 1000

Thorsten Burger #38 NK Procup 1000

It was a great and exciting weekend, new personal best laptimes for The Chaser, Gin-Tonic, Burger Only and Fastmarky and many trophees for Docshop Racing!

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