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2018-17-18-08 OW Cup Oschersleben – Win Win Podium Podium

This time only a small number of riders from our team participated in the 7th and 8th race round of the ONK OW Cup. Greg Barnes # 67 and Mark van Bunnik # 77 in the Procup 600 and Thorsten Burger # 38 in the Procup 1000.

On Friday a free practice and 2 qualifications:


2nd-Greg Barnes
7th-Mark van Bunnik

1st-Thorsten Burger

In the afternoon race 1 for each class over 15 minutes + 1 lap.


2nd-Greg Barnes
5th-Mark van Bunnik
Gin Tonic # 67 had a great start and had the lead for 8 rounds, set a new PR of 1: 34.5, but missed the victory at 0.3 seconds. The number 3 in the race had a gap of 15 seconds on Gin Tonic. Very good race!
Fastmarky # 77 fought the entire race for a podium place. Unfortunately in the end this was not possible and Fastmarky finished the race in a very good 5th place with more than 10 seconds ahead of the other riders in this class.

Combined results race 1

1st- Thorsten Burger
After a world start, fantastic lap times and a new PR of 1: 32.2, Burger Only # 38 won the race with 26 seconds ahead of number 2! Really an excellent performance and the next podium was in the pocket!

Combined results race 1 Supercup/Procup 1000

It was a racing day with new PRs and with no fewer than 2 trophies for Docshop Racing! Fantastic result!

On Saturday a very short warmup and a race:


2nd-Greg Barnes
8th-Mark v Bunnik
Gin Tonic # 67 had another rocket start and was in the lead the first 3 laps, but was passed by the classification leader. # 67 rode again his top time of 1.34.5, but still had to bow his head. However, he reached a super 2nd place, inimitable for the number 3 who finished more than 5 seconds behind the flying englishman.
Fastmarky # 77 had an average start and had a hard time to pass through the field, still he rode a new PR of 1: 35.1 and managed to achieve an excellent 8th place with more than 20 seconds ahead of the number 9.

Combined results race 2

1st-Thorsten Burger
Burger Only # 38 had an even better start than in the first race and managed to hit a big gap with the competition in the first few laps. In the last laps he slowed down al little and also won the 2nd race in an impressive way.

Combined results race 2 Supercup/Procup1000

Total of these days: 2x pole position, 2 victories and total 4 x podium! Particularly excellent results in the Open Dutch Championship of the Docshop Racing riders.

Fotocredits: http://www.wegraceinfo.nl



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