2017-11-06 OW Cup Oschersleben – Ups and downs

Oschersleben 11-06-2017

On Saturday 10th and Sunday the 11th of June our team went to Oschersleben for round 4 and 5 of the OW Cup. It was a warm and enjoyable weekend with temperatures rising to 30 degrees on Sunday. On Saturday, a free training and 2 qualifications for the various combined classes started.

Results Qualifications:

11th- Jan Houbraken – 1.41.9

3rd-Luc van Gerven- 1.36.7
6th-Mark v Bunnik-1.37.0
Unfortunately, Greg Barnes’s engine broke into free training with a water leakage and he could not continue riding this weekend!

3rd-Thorsten Burger-1.34.8

Race results:

NK SPORTCUP 600, race 1:
6th-Jan Houbraken
Jan had a bad start (but better than that on Assen), and surprised everyone with different rounds in 1.39.

NK SPORTCUP 600, race 2:
6th-Jan Houbraken
Again a very good race of “The Chaser” with different rounds in the 1.39.

Jan Houbraken #35

Jan Houbraken #35

NK PROCUP 600, race 1:
4th- Mark van Bunnik
5th- Luc van Gerven
Both riders rode a superb race and were evenly matched, unfortunately the race did not last long enough to secure a podium place.

Luc van Gerven #36, Kevin Raes #7, Mark van Bunnik #77

Luc van Gerven #36, Kevin Raes #7, Mark van Bunnik #77

Onboard video race 1 Mark:

NK PROCUP 600, race 2:
3rd- Luc van Gerven.
Despite a restart, “The Bomb” was cool and fast as usual. He rode to a deserved 3rd place! But after the restart the race ended again by red flag, so there will be not be given any points to any rider due to the fact the race was not long enough. “Fastmarky” was hit unfortunately in the first round by another rider and crashed next to the track in the grass and layed down for quite a while. After medical research, luckily all seemed ok and he could leave the medical center with only a thick ankle. Later that night, after an examination in the hospital in the Netherlands, fortunately the ankle turned out not to be broken.

Onboard video start race 2 Mark:

NK PROCUP 1000, race 1:
3rd-Thorsten Burger
“Burger Only” rode a fantastic race, with a new personal best time on his Kwasaki of 1.33.7 and reached the podium with his 3rd spot!

Thorsten & Marky

Thorsten & Marky

NK PROCUP 1000, race 2:
Thorsten did not start the second race.

After a tremendously warm and exciting weekend in many areas, still a good result for Docshop Racing. On the 25th, 26th and 27th of August we are in Oschersleben again for round 9 and 10!

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