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The Dutch owned team DOCSHOP RACING entered international motorcycle racing in 1986 starting in the Dutch National Championship competing in the 250cc and 500cc class and in the 125cc World Championship. In 1987 the first title was gained with Dutch National Champion Gerard van der Wal in the 250cc class.

Under the leadership of Team manager Henk van Asselt, DOCSHOP RACING grew into an internationally acknowledged professional racing team with an excellent infrastructure and technical expertise. Many different nationalities have been a part of the team, including several big names in motorcycle racing who rode under the DOCSHOP RACING banner in the World Championship 125 cc, like Olivier Liegeois, Lucio Pietroniro, Akira Saito, Noboru Ueda and Masaki Tokudome.

As well as in in the World Championship 250 cc, with names like Jean-Michel Mattioli, Rene Delaby, Wilco Zeelenberg, Gary Cowan, Dutch brothers Patrick and Jurgen van den Goorbergh, Niall Mackenzie, Jamie Robinson, Jürgen Fuchs and Marcellino Lucchi,  DOCSHOP RACING gained several pole positions and over 10 top three places in both classes.

1997 DOCSHOP RACING stayed in the 2-stroke classes competing in the IDM (International German Championship) and since the year 2000 the team was one of the main contenders. Two 125cc titles were gained with Maik Stief and Dirk Reissmann and two times in a row the 250 cc title was gained with Matthias Neukirchen.

2003 until 2007 DOCSHOP RACING moved up to the 4-stroke classes as the Official Importers team for Kawasaki Germany and during this time Kawasaki was added into the teams name: Kawasaki DOCSHOP RACING. During the year 2003 European Champion Kai-Børre Andersen was contracted to compete in the Supersport 600 class on the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6RR. After the 3rd place in the Lausitzring in 2003, the bike was further developed and in 2004 there were a further 6 podium places, two wins and three pole positions in the last three races, resulting in a 3rd place in the championship, only 1 point behind the champion. In 2005 after 6 consecutive pole positions (9 in a row) 6 podium places and 4 wins Kawasaki DOCSHOP RACING and Kai-Børre Andersen became IDM Supersport Champion! The same year the team was extended with the famous Swedish Superbike rider Jimmy Lindström, who reached as a rooky in Germany a credited 10th place on a developing ZX-10R.

For 2006 double German Champion Stefan Nebel was brought into the team to concentrate on the Superbikes further development and after several podium places a fabulous 4th place was the final result for the championship, putting Kawasaki back up the sharp end ! The Norwegian youngster Christoffer Nilsen was on the Supersport hunt during 2006, riding an impressive 7thoverall in his first year.

2007 saw the contract with Kawasaki Germany expire, leaving DOCSHOP RACING to find other support from one of the major motorcycle manufacturers within Germany but with all of the other major teams already finalised for 2007 meant that the team could no longer be competitive for 2007.The last years we have mainly focused on D.A.R.E Events teaching motorcyclists from all levels how to ride fast and secure on a closed race track with them benefiting and becoming a more advanced rider and with the decades of experience within International Motorcycle Sports passing on to the participants. This started in 1998 sidelining the Team under the nameD.A.R.E. (Docshop Advanced Riding Events).


2008 we extended our program to deliver professional clothing, accessories, parts, tyres,etc as used by DOCSHOP RACING during competition and events.This department is called D.A.R.E.-M.O.R.E.-products (DAREMotorcycle Online Riding Equipment). It consists of a complete line of exclusive motorsport articles from our highly professional partners of DOCSHOP RACING- D.A.R.E.



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RennersKwartier Proat

Raalte 198? 250cc Ned Kamp

Raalte 1987 500cc Ned Kamp

Heeswijk Dinther 1987 500cc Ned Kamp

Assen 1991 250cc Ned Kamp race 4

Heerlen 1987 500cc Ned Kamp

Assen 1991 250cc Ned Kamp race 3

Assen 1991 250cc Ned Kamp hemelvaart

Assen 1989 250cc Ned Kamp

Assen 1989 250cc Ned Kamp race 2

Dutch TT 1998. De 250cc

Gary Cowan Yamaha 250 Sunflower Trophy 1989


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