Burger Only 13-10-2018

Burger winner last race and vice-champion ONK Procup 1000

Thorsten Burger started the last 2 races of the season on Saturday, October 13 from a sixth starting position. In the 1st race he rode quickly to the front and fought to the finish for the first place. Eventually he finished with 0.069 seconds difference on the 2nd place. The second race he was in the lead after 1 lap and finally extended his lead to 15 seconds and finished the race as winner. Both races he rode several laps in the 1.46.

Photos: Wegraceinfo.nl/Ad Kievit

During this year, valuable points were lost because of the absence during the double races in Dijon caused by car trouble, but with the 2nd place and a victory in the last 2 races, “Burger Only” ended up in 2nd place in the championship, a great performance!

Final ranking

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