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2022-10-09 IDC Racing Assen – Another podium and top 10 results

After our wet TSR day on September 8 and a dry free training day on September 9, it was time for our last race of this year for the International Dutch Championship at the TT-Circuit of Assen. Greg Barnes (Gin-Tonic#67), Jan Houbraken (The Chaser#35), Luc van Gerven (The Bomb#36) and Mark van Bunnik (Fastmarky#77), took part in the Proclass 600 races for Docshop Racing. It was a large starting field with 34 riders, including 10 riders who entered as a guest with a Day License. These ride the race, but will not be on the podium and do not receive any championship points.

During qualifying, our riders were up front and Greg Barnes was able to qualify in 5th place. Luc van Gerven got P13, Mark van Bunnik P14 (on 0.09 from Luc) and Jan Houbraken P23.

Result qualification Dutch Proclass600

Greg Barnes had a decent start and came through in P4 on the first lap. In the following laps he tried to follow the number 1 of the championship, but the power difference was too big. In the end he finished in P2 with a gap of 3.7 seconds from the winner and a lead of more than 17 seconds over P3. Luc van Gerven and Mark van Bunnik were close to each other throughout the race, fighting for position in a group of 4-5 riders (see the onboard video). A lot happened in the group, but the 2 Docshop riders remained calm. Until the end of the race Luc was able to stay ahead of Mark, however with a final braking action in the GT-corner, Mark was able to pass and eventually had a 0.081 second lead on the finish line and they finished in P9 and P10. Jan Houbraken had a terrible start and lost more than 10 places. Already in the first laps he started to push and overtook many riders to finally finish in P14!

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