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2022-02-03-07 IDC Racing Nürburgring – Double win and top 10 results

On July 2 and 3, double races were organized for the International Dutch Championship on the F1 circuit of the Nürburgring. Greg Barnes (Gin-Tonic#67, this time with #6), Jan Houbraken (The Chaser#35, this time with #135), Luc van Gerven (The Bomb#36, this time with #363) and Mark van Bunnik (Fastmarky#77), took part for Docshop Racing in these races in the Proclass 600. Also this weekend the Dutch Supersport and Dutch Proclass 600 classes competed together again, so that created a large starting field of up to 40 riders.

On Friday, there was a free practice and qualifying 1. Qualifying 2 and race 1 followed on Saturday. Finally, there was a warm-up on Sunday morning and race 2 in the afternoon. During qualifying, our riders could be found at the front of their class and Greg Barnes took Pole position in the Proclass 600. Luc van Gerven got P6, Mark van Bunnik P7 and Jan Houbraken P10. This resulted in places 20, 31, 32, 35 in the combined starting grid of the Dutch Supersport/Dutch Proclass 600.

Startgrid Dutch Supersport/Dutch Proclass600

Race 1
Greg Barnes had another good start and was able to settle into the field of Supersport riders. During the race he increased his lead to almost 9 seconds on number 2 and won the race in the Proclass 600. Luc van Gerven and Mark van Bunnik were close to each other during the race and fought for position. In the end they finished on P5 and P6. Not far behind, Jan Houbraken finished in P7. All drivers improved their PR, Jan Houbraken even with 5 seconds compared to last year. An outstanding performance in his first race on his new Yamaha R6!

Result Race 1 Dutch Supersport/Dutch Proclass600
Result Race 1 Dutch Proclass600

Race 2
The 2nd race was scheduled for around 2:00 PM on Sunday afternoon. Greg Barnes put in another good race, building his lead to over 14 seconds over #2 and winning the race again after the race was being red flagged 1 lap from the end. Luc van Gerven and Mark van Bunnik didn’t give each other much in the sprint to the 1st corner. Still, Luc van Gerven managed to distance himself from his teammate and they were in battle with other riders throughout the race. As a result, they were unable to match their lap times from the first race. Luc van Gerven finished in P4 and Mark van Bunnik in P8. Jan Houbraken had been fighting for the entire race shortly behind them and finished in P9.

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