2016 D.A.R.E. Events online – Registration now open !

2016 events banner UK
Are you tired of those single trackdays where the fun is already over when you’ve just come into your rhythm? Then opt for one of our multi-day Events and sign up NOW! Anyone can join and if you are looking for a spring training, than we have an Event on the MotoGP track of Valencia. The event at Oschersleben is ideal to use in preparation for the OWCup races in June. The event at the TT-circuit of Assen is just days before the Ducati Club Races. All prices are inclusive of a place in a pit box.

At the end of the year, we have our annual three-day final Event in Cartagena, ideal for enjoying much riding time in three days and learn something from our instructors. Even if you have no racing experience and just want to ride or improve your riding skills, you’ve come to the right place. If you choose for our total package, you can experience to feel like a MotoGP rider…IF YOU D.A.R.E. !

See Events for more information and registration or click on one of the buttons below:

[cryout-button-color url=”https://docshop-racing.com/event/d-a-r-e-valencia-2016/” target=”_self” color=”#FF0000″]Valencia 22,23,24-03[/cryout-button-color]

[cryout-button-color url=”https://docshop-racing.com/event/2016-dare-oschersleben/” target=”_self” color=”#FF0000″]Oschersleben 21,22-04[/cryout-button-color]

[cryout-button-color url=”https://docshop-racing.com/event/2016-dare-tt-circuit-assen/” target=”_self” color=”#FF0000″]TT-Circuit Assen 25,26-05[/cryout-button-color]

[cryout-button-color url=”https://docshop-racing.com/event/2016-dare-cartagena/” target=”_self” color=”#FF0000″]Cartagena 16,17,18-10[/cryout-button-color]

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